Cash for crash damaged cars

Why scrap a crashed car
Cash for crash damaged carsCrashed cars sometimes are just written off. For good reasons - sharp metal, shards of glass, structural damage. If you have a car that has crash damage, and you want to know it will never be driven again, call us on 0777 899 7554, and get peace of mind. We will pay cash for your crash damaged car, and you will be assured that it is off the road

I have crashed my car, and they say it is unrepairable
When you have an accident, rightly the insureres and mechanics sometimes say the car is not economical to repair, the damage is so severe, or it is not safe to repair the car. This does not matter, we will still give you cash for your damaged car

We will ensure the car is responsibly disposed of. We are experts at dealing with late model newer crashed damage call us on 0777 899 7554 and find out what your crash damaged car is worth

If your car won’t drive it does not matter. We can collect it and deal with it safely and responsibly. Late models and premium cars are not a problem for us. From Metro to Lexus, we can collect, and recycle them all

Do you have a newer car that needs scrapping or recycling?
We also deal with newer damaged and written off late model cars. We also collect cars such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Vauxhall Jaguar and Ford. Call us on 0777 899 7554 today to find out what we can offer you for you’re written off accident damaged car, you may be pleasantly surprised


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