Recycling your old scrap car properly

Recycling your old scrap car properlyOld scrap cars can cause a lot of pollution. The oil, air conditioning gasses, petrol, and some of the metals in old cars are very polluting to the environment. Scrapping a car properly takes all of these pollutants and safely recycles or disposes of them

De-polluting a car is a job for specialists. We specialise in scrap and salvage cars. We recycle the parts we can, and then dispose of the fluids and parts in an environmentally friendly and lawful way

If you live in the Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Skipton, Wetherby and Keighley areas, there isn’t an easier way to have your vehicle collected and disposed of

Fill in the form below, or call us on 0777 899 7554. We will arrange to collect the dead car, pay you cash for your scrap car and take it away and recycle it. Everyone wins - the environment is cleaner, the car on your drive will be gone for good, and you even pocket some cash!

Recycling - what do we do?

  • The battery removed and sent for recycling
  • We trigger all the airbags
  • All the tyres are removed and recycled or disposed of properly
  • Hazardous materials such as mercury switches and brake fluid are removed
  • Air conditioning fluid removed (CFC’s)
  • All fluids such as oil, petrol, coolant are removed safely
  • The Catalytic converter is removed
  • Key parts designated as not for recycling such as the oil filter are removed
  • Plastics - such as bumpers are removed and recycled
  • Glass is removed and recycled
  • The metals which are left are crushed and sent for recycling

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