FAQ's about scrap cars for cash

Cash for scrap cars is often asked questions about our services. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If we haven’t answered one of your questions below, just call us

What is the process - what happens?
We have put a guide which explains what happens, and what you need to do here

How do I get my scrap car collected?
Just fill in the on-line scrap car collection form, and we will call you and arrange a collection date. We deal with the rest. If you want to speak directly with a collection agent call 0777 899 7554

Do you buy and sell spare car parts
No, we generally pass all parts to companies specialising in selling and dealing with used car parts

Is the V5 log book needed?
Normally we need the logbook, if you don’t have the log book, contact us

What sort of cars and vehicles can you take?
Cash for scrap cars deals can collect cars, vans and light commercial vehicles. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure

Do you offer cash for scrap cars in my area?
We cover Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Skipton, Wetherby and Keighley areas. Click here for more details

I don’t have the keys
That is fine, we may need to break the glass to access the interior of the car, this won’t make a mess

My scrap car is in a tight space
We specialise in recovering “awkwardly” located, often collecting vehicles other companies just can not shift

My car has been standing in the same place for ages and wont start
Not problem at all, we deal with this day in and day out

Should I tell the DVLA
Yes, the moment we collect the vehicle

I have car tax on the car, can I claim it back?
Yes, you will need to contact the DVLA

Do you collect on Saturday or Sunday or in an evenings?
Yes, we do, when you fill in the cash for scrap cars online from, we will call you back to make the arrangements.

Difficult cars?
No car is too much for us, too old, or too badly damaged. No wheels - no problem. Smashed up in an accident - crash damage - no problem. We will collect, pay cash for your damaged car, and recycle it

Documents - what do I need to do?
We issue you with the correct documents, and ensure you have filled in the correct documents. By ensuring all the paper work is correct, your can be assured that your legal liability for the vehicle is over. No more filling in SORN documents, no magically appearing parking tickets etc.

How to choose a company to scrap your car for cash
When looking for a company to scrap your car, you need to be assured ALL the paperwork will be done correctly, that your car is recycled and broken down safely, in an environmentally friendly way. You will also want a fair price for your scrap car

Will my car be recycled?
We take recycling very seriously. Our responsibility to the environment is covered by law, and a duty to future generations. We do all we can to ensure our processes meet the highest standards. We promise to recycle your car with care, an eye to the environment, disposing of all the bad chemicals responsibly, and re-using parts where practicably possible

Do you scrap vans and light commercial vehicles?
We not only pay cash for scrap cars, we pay cash for vans and light commercial vehicles. We know that you will have driven the van into the ground, and we can take the van away from you, pay you cash and recycle it. If you have a van for salvage or scrapping, give us a call

We can collect form your business direct, which means one less hassle for you. One call and the parking spaces are empty. We will ensure all the documents and paperwork are completed properly

Cancellations and terms and conditions
We have details of our cancellations and terms and conditions on a separate page here

I have another question
Just call us on 0777 899 7554, and we will answer it for you, and put your mind at rest


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